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Amsonia ciliata
Easily grown in average, medium moisture well drained soil in full sun to light shade. It prefers sandy soils with regular moisture and sharp drainage. Best fall foliage color usually occurs in full sun, but flowers generally last longer if given some light afternoon shade in hot sun areas.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
7 - 8 Blue dark green 70

amsonia tabermaemontana

Amsonia tabernaemontana
Plants for light shade and a rich, fairly moist soil, with not too many tree-roots. Plant them for example near buildings or fences. Not too sunny, for instance in a darker corner of a border.
It combines well with other plants. Recommended quantity per square meter: 5

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
7 - 8 Blue dark green 80


Amsonia tabernaemontana Blue Ice
Blue Ice’ is a bluestar cultivar that is very similar in appearance to A. tabernaemontana, except it is much more compact and produces darker blue flowers. This is an erect, clump-forming plant that features terminal, pyramidal clusters of star-like, dark lavender-blue flowers in late spring atop erect. Narrow, willow-shaped, dark green foliage turns an attractive bright yellow in fall. Although ‘Blue Ice’ was reportedly discovered growing with A. tabernaemontanaseedlings in a greenhouse.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
5 Dark lavender blue - 30 - 45

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