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Lysemachia cletroides
This plant flowers in the period July and september with white upright inflorescences. The last part of the plume-shaped inflorescence of has often tend to stand horizontally so that the flowers get a characteristic kink.Lysimachia clethroides is best known for white summer bouquets but also in the garden yellow loosestrife Lysimachia clethroides, provided that the will not too dry state, going to do just fine.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
7 - 9 White - 60 - 80

Lysemachia punct. Alexander
This plant differs from the species Lysimachia punctata by the white leaf edges. He also remains slightly lower than Lysimachia punctata and is usually about 80-100 cm high.The bloom of this distribution point falls in the period June-July. and is keen on a sunny to half-shady location. He grows almost on any garden soil and may spread with root offshoots.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
6 - 7 Yellow - 80 - 100

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