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These are beautiful shrub-like bushes for use in the garden. You can create beautiful borders or frames of very decorative hedges. Lavender planted around keep lice away, who hate lavender scent. The flowers can be dried and processed into scented sachets of lavender in the linen closet Plant in groups for a good result. Cord in the spring (April) and after flowering it does give you years of enjoyment from these beautiful plants

Lavandula angustifolia Hidcote
It produces dense spikes of fragrant, deep violet summer flowers above slender, aromatic, silvery-grey leaves. It is possibly the best lavender for edging paths and borders and the aromatic foliage perfumes the air if you brush against it. It also works well in a gravel garden, or clipped into a formal sphere for a contemporary look. The flower-spikes are highly attractive to bees and other nectar-loving insects.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
7 - 8 Deep violet blue Green 30 - 40

Lavandula angustifolia Munstead
More compact, with purple blue flowers. Introduced in 1916, this classic Lavender remains one of the most popular with good reason. Flowers are just a tad lighter than Hidcote, and the shorter stature makes it as a good choice for the front of the border. Early Flowering. Very fragrant.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
7 - 8 Purple blue Green 30 - 40

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