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Disporum cantoniense Aureovariegatum
The lance-shaped evergreen leaves, up to 15 cm in length, are glossy green.
The white, pink or reddish-purple, bell-shaped flowers, up to 2.5 cm in length, are borne in groups of 3 or 7, during late spring to early summer. The fruits are bluish-black.Hardy zones 4 to 8 ( many clones only zones 7 to 8 ) in light to medium shade on moist, fertile, acidic, well drained soil.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
5 - 6 Creamy var. Green 60


Disporum cantoniense Flavens
Rare but in the trade under a number of aliases, it’s true name is Disporum flavum. It emerges in late spring with the multiple flower buds almost immediately visible on each stem and blooming quickly thereafter with large, showy yellow bells. It takes 2-3 years to develop a good root system and can occasionally be divided after that. Easily, the most impressive of the genus for blooms. The yellow bells are followed by black berries in summer. Soil: Rich, moist but well-drained

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
5 - 6 Soft yellow Deep green 70


Disporum cantoniense Green Giant
A delightful new Fairy Bells to the trade that’s Evergreen. New bamboo-like shoots arise from the previous year’s evergreen foliage in early spring, often with a purple tint as they emerge. This unique woodland plant quickly unfurls into a multi-branched clump, topped in late spring with cream or chartreuse bell-like flowers followed by glistening blue black long lasting fruit. Soil: Rich organic, moist well-drained woodland

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
4 - 5 Creamy white Deep green 100


Disporum Megalanthum
This has a short white rhizome, rather like a Uvularia , from which comes a stem of 30 cm carrying elliptic, dark-green, ribbed leaves alternately to the top. It is from the top that the white to cream, hanging bells are suspended in an open cluster, of up to eight flowers, nodding in the slightest breeze.
This is one of the larger flowered species and each bel can reach 3,5 cm long, through smaller plants will make smaller flowers. Red berries follow the flowers, in the autumn.

Blooming time Flower colour Leaf colour Height (cm)
4 - 6 White dark green 30 - 60

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